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Sk Magic Malaysia online. Get the cheapest Attractive discounts on Sk Magic water Filter Sk magic Air Purifier and Sk Magic Aircond for only RM59. Free Registration No Deposit fast response 24 hour.

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Why SK Magic Water Filter is Best for You

See why you need the latest Sk Magic water filter product Sk Magic water filter

Pendaftaran & pemasangan Percuma
Registration & Free installation

No need for any deposit, free registration and free installation.

Penapis air murah
Cheap water filters

With a price as low as RM59 you can already have a water filter

Kekerapan servis
Service frequency

Service frequency can be chosen every 2 months or 4 months.

Penukaran filter
Filter change

Change the filter according to the schedule to guarantee the quality and cleanliness of your water


Only at SK Magic. Free replacements of 4 parts every 12 months. Its like brand new



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