JIK- water is never stagnant

SOO-clean, pure and full of minerals


Teknologi tanpa tangki JIKSOO direka untuk menghapuskan risiko pembentukan biofilem dan mencegah pencemaran dari udara persekitaran, membersihkan air yang mengalir terus dari sumber air ke air cawan




As a global leader and one of the largest company in the largest company in the market for home appliances in South Korea, SK magic strives to provide the cleanest and safest water to everyone through the most advanced technology. The development of tankless technology by SK Magic has allowed consumers to have easier to water that is clean, pure and never stagnant without secondary contamination compared to old technologies in the market.


Old Technolgy 

New technology


  1. Tankless Water Purifier-   Ensure water is stagnant free, clean, pure and full of minerals
  2. Instant Cooling & Heating system- Instantly dispense hot and cold water with consistent water temperature and minimal electricity power consumption
  3. Stainless Steel Waterway- Equipped with 304 grade stainless steel waterway to reduce risk of rust and contamination in waterway
  4. Watertab UV sterilization- Automatic UV sterlisation every 2 hours, providing clean and pure from the very first sip





NO SECONDARY CONTAMINATION: BioFilm formation and bacteria growth might occur as water is stored in the tank for a long period of time. 


SLIM SLEEK DESIGN: SK magics Jiksoo Tankless Water Purifier is slim and compact with the elimination of tank, saving space and adding aesthetic aspect to your kitchen


Infinity Capacity-provides unlimited water supply of hot and cold water with instant heating and cooling system


Energy efficiency- Electricity is used when water is dispensed, saving electricity power and provides consistent water temperature at the same time






Your water Journey Begins Here


Tankless Technology

Direct Fresh Purified Water


Energy Efficient with unlimited instant hot & cold water


Advanced instant heating and cooling technology providing hot and cold water instantly without any limit, saving electricity as electricity is only used when water

Is dispensed compared to tank water purifiers where electricity is at all times to maintain the water temperature in the tank.


Air panas

Ceramic Hot Module


Cold Water

Ice bank technology


Stagnant Free


              Stainless steel Waterway

304 Grade Stainless Steel Waterway prevents rust and contamination of flowing water



UV sterlisation


Automatic Water tab UV sterilization every 2 hours ensuring bacteria free water


            Clean Pure Full of Minerals


Filtration system

3 steps filtration system provides clean and pure mineral water to Malaysian homes