KUALA LUMPUR, 13 SEPTEMBER 2022 – SK magic Malaysia partners with Samsung Malaysia Electronics, introducing a new way for Malaysians to own Samsung’s latest WindFree™ technology air conditioners through SK magic’s affordable rental scheme with a monthly commitment from as low as RM79.

The strategic partnership with Samsung Malaysia also allows SK magic Malaysia to expand its brand-new product category, adding the Samsung WindFree™ air conditioner model ranging from 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 horsepower into its belt.

Known for its intelligent and adaptable approach to managing climate in all spaces, the Samsung WindFree™ air conditioners work with the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem which enable Malaysians to keep their homes at a comfortable and constant temperature using a remote control or smartphone that is customised to their daily schedule and needs. Due to Malaysia’s year-round warm climate, you can benefit from WindFree™ Cooling technology, which provides effective cooling without the unpleasant sensation of cold air blowing directly onto your skin.

The WindFree™ Cooling technology will quietly and gently distribute cool air through 23,000 micro air holes once you’ve selected your preferred temperature. As it is designed to cool large areas, you can easily control the temperature of your entire room. Another noteworthy advantage is the ‘Good Sleep’ mode, a technological advancement that automatically regulates your bedroom’s temperature while you sleep, to optimise the various sleep cycle phases.

“We are thrilled with this strategic partnership with Samsung Malaysia as it will further allow both parties to continue innovating and providing a future-forward technology that would raise the quality of life among Malaysians,” said Mr Andy Kim, Managing Director of SK magic Malaysia.

Since its inception in 2018, SK magic Malaysia has offered a rental scheme in the hopes of providing everyone with a better lifestyle in an affordable way. The rental scheme eventually became popular and drew buyers from all over the country, boosting the visibility of SK magic. To meet this demand, SK magic has developed various subscription plans to provide Malaysians with a variety of affordable payment options that enable a low barrier entry.

With this strategic alliance, customers who purchase the Samsung WindFree™ air conditioners through SK magic’s rental scheme will receive a complimentary service package. Customers can choose from the Lite, Basic and Special Rental Packages to enjoy different service frequencies throughout the rental period.

From just RM109 a month for the Special Rental Package by SK magic, Malaysians can enjoy minor and major services that are both included in the service package alongside a 5-year complimentary warranty. The major service includes deep cleaning of both the indoor and outdoor units while the minor service includes filter wash and basic cleaning of the indoor unit. Leveraging SK magic and Samsung’s expertise in service maintenance and advanced technology, Malaysians can now experience fresh cool air through WindFree™ technology with a peace of mind.

“The collaboration between SK magic and Samsung Malaysia has opened a new way for every Malaysian to enjoy the latest technology at an affordable price, eventually offering a holistic living environment for them.” Mr Andy Kim added.

To date, more than 90 percent of SK magic’s customers have subscribed to rental-based services, which has further accelerated the business momentum and growth across the country. SK magic is optimistic about its 2023 prospect with solid business strategies in the pipeline to create more healthy home solutions for Malaysians to live healthier and happier.

“Samsung Malaysia’s partnership with SK magic has enabled us to create more customer value based on the advanced capabilities of both companies representing each field. While Samsung focuses on offering top-notch technology and products, SK magic specialises in its rental programme and can offer worry-free service to every customer’’, said Mr Edward Han, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.